I have been teaching guitar and music full time for the past 7 years and have found the potential of the world of online music tuition and skype guitar lessons.

All across the globe aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts are looking for qualified music instructors to help them shape their playing or simply engage in the personal journey of musical discovery.


With the latest advances in technology and the current global village we live in, music education has become available for the most remote places in the world and for those who don’t have access to any formal music instructors.


Assistance and education can now be found at the click of a button! Anywhere and anytime!

All you need is!

  1. A webcam,
  2. A high speed internet line
  3. Access to skype which is completely free and available for most systems. It can be found for download via the link below or by clicking on the skype option at the bottom of the page



This notion inspired me to setup my own online guitar school providing primarily skype guitar lessons and skype music theory lessons. It is a personal goal of mine to share my knowledge and teach in a field that I’m exceptionally passionate about.


As I further my own craft during the course of my masters studies in Jazz guitar at the University of Witwatersrand. I’m also looking to create this platform for online music education, as a means to share what I’m learning and have learned about my craft with people all across the globe.


Helping people shape their love of music and guitar with proper curriculums and established learning systems.

Please view below for available curriculums for study 

Students have the option to study through one of curriculums below, jazz and my “Lap Piano” style specialization or privately learning their favorite songs for their own enjoyment.
Instrument Curriculums
– Rockschool Electric (Electric Guitar and Bass)

– Rockschool Acoustic (Acoustic Guitar)

– Trinity Plectrum (Electric or Acoustic Guitar)

– Trinity Rock and Pop (Electric Guitar and Bass)

– Trinity Classical (Nylon Guitar)

– RGT Acoustic and RGT Ukulele (Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele)

After successful completion of the correct graded syllabus material above. Students can choose to pursue ATCL, LTCL and FTCL tertiary level diplomas in Jazz through Trinity College if they wish.

Theory Curriculums
– ABRSM (Music Theory in Practice Grades)

– Trinity (Theory of Music Grades)

** Online group theory classes are setup based on grade levels. Alternatively private one on one theory classes can also be arranged.
Proposed Fee Structure for 2017

Individual session prices

30 min lesson – 12 Euro/14 Dollars (+ – 48 Euro/ 56 Dollars Monthly)

45 min lesson – 18 Euro/21 Dollars (+ – 72 Euro/ 84 Dollars Monthly)

60 min lesson – 24 Euro/28 Dollars (+ – 96 Euro/ 112 Dollars Monthly)

Group session prices (Only available for online theory classes)

60 min lesson – 15 Euro/16 Dollars (+ – 60 Euro/64 Dollars Monthly)

Please note students must be age 12 or older in order to partake in online tuition, the first lesson is also free as a consultation and trial.

Online courses are billed through Paypal invoices and all of the following cards are accepted:


Wayne Locker
Wayne Locker
Thanks to Anthony’s unwavering patience and diligent guidance, he has managed to get me through the frustrations of trying to learn to play guitar for the first time at the age of 46.
Clare Locker
Clare Locker
My son started guitar lessons this year and he has been utterly inspired and motivated by Anthony. I even have my husband catching the “guitar fever”
Collin Naidoo
Collin Naidoo
Anthony is a brilliant music teacher and is also technically competent, knowledgeable, has patience and most importantly has the ability to interact with students at different levels of skill and improve their learning and progress
Maeve Nicolas
Maeve Nicolas
I have looked for many years to find someone to teach me how to play my ukulele properly and oh boy!! I couldn't have found a better teacher.
Refilwe Marumo
Refilwe Marumo
Teaching beginners anything is never easy, and so I take my hat off the work you do. Your dedication and compassion towards your students is incredible.
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