Ans: Yes I believe so! I have taught quite a few students via skype and in person.

I have found students who engage in lessons via skype often learn more indepenence during the tuition process, as they are placed in a learning situation that requires them to pay more attention and set themselves up correctly for practice in and out of the session.

I have also setup a process of tuition online that helps overcome any barriers people may think they will face when dealing with lessons via skype.

The material is recorded and sent via mail during and after lessons for the students to engage in.

I would only advise against lessons via skype for students younger than 12. Although exceptions can be made based on the child’s personal temprament and attention span.

Ans: It is quite simple really.

1. All you need is a webcam,
2. A high speed internet line
3. Access to skype which is completely free and available for most systems
Most webcams used for PC have built in microphones that do the trick for lessons and many tablets can also handle the job as long as they have a decent enough internet connection.

Ans: No I have a curriculum in place which takes the student from the ground up and everything can be learned step by step through an online idiom

Ans: Simply fill in my registration form online on the page select the option for the curriculum you wish to study and I will be in touch shortly to setup a trial lesson 🙂

Alternatively you can email me and I will contact you to get the setup going.

Ans: Payments can be made via Paypal or Visa, MasterCard etc (Payment options located on the bottom of the page).

An invoice is sent on a monthly basis via Paypal and payment options can be taken from there.

Ans: Online lessons occur on a once a week basis the same as an in person lesson. A weekly time is decided on that suits both the student and myself and time-zones are naturally taken into consideration.