Anthony Bierman is a South African “Lap Piano” style guitarist and Art Music composer.

He has been performing and teaching full time for the past 7 years. His completed a Bmus(Hons) Degree from the University of Pretoria where he majored in Jazz/Contemporary guitar and is currently busy completing a masters at the University of Witwatersrand researching and developing his own approach to the “Lap Piano” guitar style.

He has a very deep passion for the guitar as a solo instrument, which lead him initially to gravitate and start a serious study of this style. He does however also enjoy performing with others and regularly plays in duets or small combos.

He has also been privately studying Art Music (Classical) composition through the music department at Wits University, currently focusing on guitar based composition, with a personal fondness of late Romantic era composers.

Brief history of the Lap Piano style : The style was pioneered initially by Jazz guitarist and 7 string innovator – George Van Eps, whom took a piano approach to playing guitar by combining chords with melodies and bass lines during improvisations, essentially improvising chord melodies. Due to this approach he would often refer to his guitar as a piano on his lap, hence coining the term “Lap Piano”. Other players noted for a more direct exploration in this type of idiom of harmonic playing are Lenny Breau, and Ted Greene.

Anthony plays an 8-string Lap-Piano Jazzcaster custom built by luthier John Soderlund and a Yamaha CG182S nylon guitar. For more information regarding John’s wonderful designwork please follow this link to his page http://www.jgsguitars.com/index.html